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Waltzing Matilda

Released in Czech cinemas from 30th November 2023

Illness is not only a complication of life, but also an opportunity to embark on a journey of healing in a broader sense.

In a story inspired by real events an introverted Karel (Karel Roden) lives in a world of order and strict rules with a little room for empathy. He visits his extroverted and bohemian mother Matylda (Regina Rázlová), a former bar singer, mostly because of a sense of obligation. Matilda unexpectedly loses her apartment and Karel has no choice but to have her live with him. Their coexistence is a disaster especially when it comes out that Matilda is developing Alzheimer's. Karel's son Pavel (Antonio Šoposki), an irresponsible flutist who despises his father's profession as an executor, is seemed as the best option to take care of their troubled grandmother. The new household of three different temperaments across generations brings humorous moments. However with the progressing symptoms of the disease they turn more tragicomic. At first the hopeless situation turns the family's life upside down but through not giving up they achieve something meaningful not only for Matilda, but also for themselves.


Czech Republic, 2023  /  113 minutes  /  Czech  /  no age restriction

original title
Tancuj Matyldo (CZ) / Waltzing Matilda (EN)
comedy / drama
directed by
Petr Slavík
written by
Nataša Slavíková, Petr Slavík
executive producer
Nataša Slavíková – Phoenix Production
co-produced by
Czech Television  (Jaroslav Sedláček)
further co-produced by
VIRUSfilm (Vít Janeček and Zuzana Piussi) , RTVS (Roman Genský), i/o post (Jordi Niubo)
director of photography
Martin Štrba
Vladimír Bezděk
music composer
Miroslav Hřebejk
production designer
Adam Pitra
costume designer
Katarína Štrbová Bieliková
makeup designer
Andrea McDonald
art direction
Martin Ryšavý, Martin Daniel, Benjamin Slavík
Karel Roden, Regina Rázlová, Antonio Šoposki, Zuzana Kanócz, Simona Postlerová, Miroslav Babuský, Eva Leinweberová
Supported by (public organizations)
Státní fond kinematografie (CZ)
Plzeňský kraj (CZ)
Nadácia mesta Bratislavy (SK)
AVF Audiovizuálny Fond (SK)
Supported by (private organizations and individuals)
Pojišťovna VZP, a.s.
Alzheimer home, s láskou jako doma
CertiCon a.s.
Vladimír Mařík
Karel Kraus
Taťána Maříková
Radim Passer
Česká alzheimerovská společnost, o.p.s.
INDRC – International Neurodegenerative Disorders Research Center
Nadační fond Seňorina
Alzheimer - nadační fond
Dementia I.O.V., z.ú.    
A DOMA z. s.
Clementas - Centrum pro seniory
Distribution (CZ, SK)